Adam Hale

Arriving at a place somewhere near 10,000 hours, Adam Hale’s paint style emerges with a mastery that enchants the soul while engaging the cultivated mind. His subjects reveal a sometimes satirical, and often comical view of business, politics, culture and society. As he playfully entertains, he invites insights into our humanity. This process delights the artist as much as his fans. 

“I see a lot of humor in my work. I like to watch these silly ideas in my head take shape and become even funnier as they emerge onto the canvas.” 

Rich layers and astounding color blends intrigue the senses while dramatic borders, featuring reckless drips and feathered strokes, create a window offering a voyeuristic opportunity to peer into other realms. In addition to Hale’s powerful color resources, his superb use of light is his signature feature.  

“I am constantly thinking about the light—where is it coming from? Where is it going? What’s it going to do when it gets there?”

Hale’s work is initially uncomplicated, allowing the viewer to first indulge in the child-like interpretations on the canvas, but as the image breaks apart into deeper, hidden pieces, the observer can feel the emotion and intention that emerges from every Adam Hale original. Hale’s work will astound you, amaze you, make you think, and simply, make you laugh.