Sam Jump

I'm in the business of bringing people together. And in the understanding that we're here as creative beings, that source of building connections in my art. With a deeply innate appreciation and respect for music and visual arts, working within and around those communities has always been a natural habitat and playground for me. 

A fan of change, shifts and observing the evolution of my surroundings, I've transitioned from office-bound gigs to restaurant industry work, leadership and management of many sorts and coordination of many fields of focus. Through travel and living lightly, I've been gifted a geographically and culturally expansive tribe and have gathered wisdom, skills and tools applicable to all arenas along the way and beyond. 

Holding space for others to understand their individual power in this experience and helping them to align with others that will add value and opportunity to their mission is my contribution to the overall cause. Through awareness, gathering of breadcrumbs and piecing together the puzzles, grand and small, I've found myself on a shared path with equally passionate and driven individuals such as Adam and Sterling. And through our collective investment of breaking barriers and expanding community, Wanted1 Productions has become the latest manifestation.